Die Kunstler's 2018 Board Members

Firstly, DK would like to thank our outgoing Board Members for their tremendous efforts and skills including:

Outgoing President & Treasurer, Ron Vantz
Outgoing Secretary, Annette Bennett

Thank you!


Elections to the 2018 DK Board of Directors were held at the February 16th Board of Directors Meeting.

President: Ruby Lee Clark
Vice President: Louise Murphy
Treasurer: Stacy Jenschke
Secretary: Barbara Mauldin
Membership: Bonnie Bondurant
Programs: Laura Ronstadt & Kay Northrup
DVD Library: Crystal Fox


Other Member Duties include:

Website: Kathy Weigand
Facebook Page Editors: Kathy Weigand, Edyth O'Neill, Annette Bennett
Grant Writer: Jeanne Rothberg
Winery Program: Ron Vantz
Fbg Theater Art Shows: Donna Lafferty
High School Art Education Outreach: Sharon Smith 


Thank you to all, for your continious efforts, in helping Die Künstler von Fredericksburg!



Die Kunstler's 2017 Art Show Award Winners