2015 Annual Art Show: Award Winners

 23rd Annual Art Show
Show Chair: Marsha Pape
    Assistant: Annette Bennett 


Member's Choice Award:
Jo Anne Spencer - Waiting for Spring


Top 15 People's Choice Awards:
Nora Dempsey - The Pink Hat
Jo Anne Spencer - Waiting for Spring 
Marsha Pape - Training Day 
CJ Latta - Water Garden 
Mary Helen Johnson - Two Feathers 
Johnnie Fields - Harbor at Port Clyde 
Mary Kaye Sawyer-Morse - Glory 
Dalton Fromme - Comfort Home
Annette Bennett - Shadow Dancer 
Jonathan King - Wildcat 
Marsha Pape - Grand Entrance 
Linda Smith - Guadalupe Autumn 
Jo Anne Spencer - Hidden Door 
Kathy Weigand - Morning Sun 
Marsha Pape - Old-Time Treasure 
Johnnette Scheuer - Precious Moments

CONGRATULATIONS to all artists!

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